Chelsea in Bloom – Part Two

Its Chelsea Flower Show this week, and here is Zvezdana again to share her hot air balloon craft activity.

Inspired by the annual Chelsea in Bloom Flower Show that should be taking place around the streets of Chelsea Library during this time of year, we are creating Chelsea in Bloom cards. By combining flowers and hot-air balloons, we follow Chelsea in Bloom 2020 theme ‘Extraordinary Voyages’. That way, even though our holiday plans are on pause and the Chelsea Flower Show has been moved online, we can still cherish holiday memories, use old photographs and postcards from the safety of our living room, and take part in this wonderful event!

Print off the A4 hot air balloon template (or just draw it) and colour it in using any available colouring pencils, crayons, felt-tips, poster paints, etc.

Or, use cut-outs from magazines to create a magnificent collaged floating balloon! You can even draw your friends inside the basket – who would you pick to join the adventure? If you want 3D basket, make a 1cm cube (net of 5 squares, the 6th side is left open for people inside).

Alternatively, if you want more of a challenge, cut out bits of card or photographs or magazine pages into hearts. Gluing one side of the heart down to create a flap, you can start building your three-dimensional hot-air balloon. Just keep adding more folded hearts on top of each other to build up your balloon! The more colours you use, the better it will look!

See our images for inspiration. The sky’s the limit!

Zvezdana, Chelsea Library



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