Chelsea in Bloom – Part Two

Its Chelsea Flower Show this week, and here is Zvezdana again to share her hot air balloon craft activity.

Inspired by the annual Chelsea in Bloom Flower Show that should be taking place around the streets of Chelsea Library during this time of year, we are creating Chelsea in Bloom cards. By combining flowers and hot-air balloons, we follow Chelsea in Bloom 2020 theme ‘Extraordinary Voyages’. That way, even though our holiday plans are on pause and the Chelsea Flower Show has been moved online, we can still cherish holiday memories, use old photographs and postcards from the safety of our living room, and take part in this wonderful event!

Print off the A4 hot air balloon template (or just draw it) and colour it in using any available colouring pencils, crayons, felt-tips, poster paints, etc.

Or, use cut-outs from magazines to create a magnificent collaged floating balloon! You can even draw your friends inside the basket – who would you pick to join the adventure? If you want 3D basket, make a 1cm cube (net of 5 squares, the 6th side is left open for people inside).

Alternatively, if you want more of a challenge, cut out bits of card or photographs or magazine pages into hearts. Gluing one side of the heart down to create a flap, you can start building your three-dimensional hot-air balloon. Just keep adding more folded hearts on top of each other to build up your balloon! The more colours you use, the better it will look!

See our images for inspiration. The sky’s the limit!

Zvezdana, Chelsea Library


Chelsea in Bloom

One of the highlights of the Chelsea year is the Chelsea Flower Show.  Chelsea in Bloom really brings an already vibrant area to life.  Here is Zveszdana from Chelsea library talking about her love of the show and sharing some of her wonderful collection of photographs from previous years.

The highlight of working in Chelsea must be Chelsea in Bloom held in May each year.  Taking part in this prestigious annual floral art show, which transforms the streets of Chelsea every year, is the best way to celebrate the start of summer. It is so exciting to wonder around Sloane Street, Sloane Square, Pavilion Road and King’s Road and observe Chelsea’s restaurants, shops and hotels embellishing themselves with creative floral designs. The riot of ideas, flowers, colours, textures, smells is breath-taking, budding with originality.


I was looking forward to seeing what the talented designers had prepared for this year. Considering the theme, ‘Extraordinary Voyages’, inspired by ‘Around the world in 80 days’. It evokes a spirit of optimism, adventure and a reminder of the golden age of travel. I can just imagine how spectacular this would have been. The great news is that we can still enjoy the flower show virtually so that we can stay at a safe distance but still enjoy the show.  This year it will run from 18th to 23rd May, click here to join in and keep an eye on our social media channels for some fun Chelsea in Bloom crafts.

We have a wide range of online books and magazines about plants, flowers and gardening.  Just click here.  Its completely free, you just need your membership number.  Not a member?  Joining is very easy, just click here.

Zvezdana, Chelsea Library



Chelsea in Bloom

crownAre you looking forward to doing something uplifting, something that puts smile on your face – effortlessly?

Have you seen flower displays around Chelsea?
There is no better way to celebrate the start of summer than visiting Chelsea in Bloom.
Download the map and vote for your favourite display!

Whether you want to take selfie with Frida Kahlo, peep through the gorgeous ‘diamond’ ring, giggle with the funny skeletons, admire a bus made of carnations, floral flags, regal swans or just smile and sigh while gazing at roses, camellias, lilies, freesia, sweet peas, chrysanthemums, gerbera  … you will enjoy your stroll.
The flower displays are so inspirational, cheeky, lavish, splendid … Pure pleasure!

Just one thing, if I can recommend, wherever you start your tour, quickly pop to  Chelsea Library and grab a book – Jessie Burton’s “The Muse” or one of Elly Griffiths’ crime novels. So, when you decide to sit and pause the leisurely walk, you have your book with you.

For more information, please visit the Chelsea in Bloom website.