50 books that make great films (Part Four)

And we’re back!

In our penultimate post, we explore another 10 book adaptations – as chosen by your library staff. Visit our previous posts to see the what books/films have already made the list and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]


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50 books that make great films (Part Three)

I am back with another installment in our ’50 books that make great films’ series! We’re making great progress, and we are officially halfway through the list! If you haven’t already, check out our first two posts (Part 1 | Part 2) and see how many of the films listed you’ve seen and enjoyed. As usual, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Eid Party at Kensal Library

After Kensal Library’s first Eid party being a great success, we decided to have a second one. The turnout was fantastic and brought the Golborne community together. We were expecting only 15 people but we had a whooping number of over 30! Continue reading “Eid Party at Kensal Library”

50 books that make great films (Part Two)

Last week, we introduced you to 10 titles from our 50 favourite book adaptations. This week, we are back with another 10 for your enjoyment! Remember to let us know what your favourites in the comment section below.

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Goodbye Summer Reading Challenge 2016: Big Friendly Party at Brompton

Last Saturday saw Brompton Library put this year’s Summer Reading Challenge to bed with our annual finishers’ party. The Roald Dahl theme this year was massively popular with the kids and many of them hoovered up the few titles they hadn’t already read. We supplemented his novels with joke books, revolting rhymes, biographies and autobiographies.

In the end an impressive 89 children completed the challenge, and the party was well attended! They had a great time – Katie lead the party, ably assisted by our long-standing friend and volunteer Lisa and they were treated to some great games and free juice and nibbles to keep them going as they played some very energetic games such as Duck, Goose (new to me) and musical chairs and statues (old favourites).




They also reviewed the books they’d read and enjoyed and talked about the craft events they’d come to at the library. Katie got some great feedback after the party and the kids and their parents agreed that the party was a great idea to round off the summer. Well done to everyone who took part and roll on the Summer Reading Challenge 2017- I wonder what it will be?

Steph Webb


50 books that make great films (Part One)

It seems that most films today are either a remake, a sequel (and we’re including prequels here), or a book adaptation. They say that ‘the book is always better’ and it’s a sentiment we almost always agree with.

Staff from across the borough have come together to compile fifty of their favourite book adaptations. Over the next five weeks we will explore all fifty titles –let us know your personal favourites! Continue reading “50 books that make great films (Part One)”

Party time at Chelsea Library!


Last Friday we hosted the Chelsea Library Summer Reading Challenge party. We had over seventy completers and one hundred parents and children turned up to dance to Diane’s Latin American compilation and find Willy Wonka’s golden fridge magnet—the winner is yet to come forward! Please if you find the golden ticket nestling between packets of shrimp shaped haribos and some savoury crackers contact Chelsea children’s library! Continue reading “Party time at Chelsea Library!”

What our work experience teens thought of our library

Throughout the year, RBKC libraries welcome a number of volunteers and work experience students from neighbouring secondary schools. For many, it can be their first introduction to the world of work and for us, it’s a great opportunity to reintroduce them to the library service and the vast range of services we now offer.

Shimon and Mohammed both completed a two-week stay at North Kensington Library and share a little about their experiences there. Continue reading “What our work experience teens thought of our library”

Crazy Comic Club fun

Last week was the last week of the school summer holidays and Chelsea and Brompton Libraries wanted to go out on a creative high so we invited James Parsons, of the Crazy Comic Club,  to do two illustration workshops in one day, Chelsea in the morning and Brompton in the afternoon.

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Brompton Library Graphic Novel Reading Group

Twenty-five years since THE SANDMAN first changed the landscape of modern comics, Neil Gaiman’s legendary series is back in a deluxe hard-cover edition! THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE heralds New York Times best-selling writer Neil Gaiman’s return to the art form that made him famous, ably abetted by artistic luminary JH Williams III (BATWOMAN, PROMETHEA), whose lush, wide-screen images provide an epic scope to The Sandman’s origin story. Continue reading “Brompton Library Graphic Novel Reading Group”