Professor Universe: Seven educational films

Introducing Professor Universe who has seven educational videos for children aged 6+. This fun, educational series is like Monty Python meets Bill Nye the Science Guy.

After crash landing on a strange planet, Professor Universe must use his knowledge of science to get back home.  

Get ready to learn about orbits, light, stars, gravity and more with a cast of weird and wonderful characters.

Professor Universe befuddles giants, outwits wizards, and fires a dragon out of Newton’s canon.

Episode 1 | The Enchanted Dimension 

After being sucked into an inter-dimensional tear, Professor Universe crash lands on a weird and wonderful planet. But how will he get back home? 

Episode 2 | The Wizard’s Wand  

Professor Universe attends Merlin’s “magic” show and teaches the crowd that everything is made of matter and where gravity comes from 

Episode 3 | The Star’s Tear 

We meet a real-life star, full of love, and learn the story of how stars are made. 

Episode 4 | The Giant Problem 

Professor Universe befriends a mermaid and confronts a giant, who stole gold from the local village. The Professor uses the speed of light–186,000 miles per second– to save himself…. and the day. 

Episode 5 | The Unicorn’s Tale 

We meet a Unicorn that can travel at the speed of rainbows (aka light), investigating a strange phenomenon of what seems to be time travel. Professor Universe explains that this is just the result of how big space is! 

Episode 6 | The Falling Dragon 

 A mysterious noise leads to an encounter with a dragon! With a little help from the science of orbits and rockets, Professor Universe is able to aid his new friend 

Episode 7 | The Black Hole 

Our star friend from episode 2 returns! But will they become a black hole? And will the Professor make it back home? Find out on the epic season finale! 

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