World Vegan Month and Veganuary Month

Want to know more about what a vegan diet is, or what it involves? 

In celebration for World Vegan Month in November and to prepare for Veganuary in January 2021, we want to help you to find out more.

Vegan diets are based on plant based foods, vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, and non-dairy products, such as soya and nuts. We eat all the foods that vegans eat regularly.

Eating plant based foods can be healthy, and sometimes a change to regular vegetarian or meat based diets. Veganism goes back to ancient Greek and Indian times, and people have lived well on these diets.

The NHS has very useful information regarding vegan diets. The NHS vegan diet information on their website, list all the important vitamins, minerals and fats which are found in plant based foods. The Vegan Society also has very useful nutritional  information for anyone interested in vegan foods and diets.

If you wanted to borrow any of these books from our libraries, you can search for them on our catalogue:

RBKC Libraries Catalogue . All you need is an RBKC  or Westminster Library Card.  Here is an example of the books that you can  borrow from our libraries: Vegan books from the library catalogue




There are also monthly food e-magazines that you can access from RBDigital. All you need is an RBKC Library Card, and a pin number and login to RBDigital e-Magazines. To find out more click on the support link here RBDigital Help.

Once you are logged in you can borrow any magazine and save it for as long as you want. There are also health magazines that you can borrow with information on vegan diets.

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