FREE online learning resources

We in RBKC libraries can’t understand why people aren’t falling over themselves to sign up for our free online courses! We know there are other online courses out there but all you need for ours is a library card and the inclination. Our offer extends from employment and personal development to leisure and personal interest courses. There’s also a specific course for passing the driving theory test and one for candidates preparing for the Life in the UK or British citizenship test.

If you’re in work and wanting to upskill or looking for work and wanting to ensure your skills are up to date then Learning Nexus is the suite for you. Below you can see their main menu so if you’re wanting to avoid the “not waving but drowning” feeling or looking to improve your skills on the quiet just ask a member of staff to log you in and you’ll see the full range of courses in each of the categories listed below.



Universal Class offers a broader range of classes aimed more, but not exclusively, at leisure and personal interest topics. Below are the categories available and within each of those there may be dozens of courses to choose from, for example, in the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies category there are 75 to choose from – from Cake decorating to Yoga! For each module of a course you submit your work to a real person who will give you personal feedback.


Accounting  Alternative Medicine  Arts, Crafts & Hobbies  Business  Career Training Computer Training  Entrepreneurship  Finance  General Education  Health & Medicine History  Homeschooling  How to / Do It Yourself  Language Arts  Law/Legal/Criminal Mathematics  Office Skills  Parenting and Family  Personal Care  Pet and Animal  Psychology  Real Estate  Science  Self-Help  Social Work  Special Education  Spiritual Studies  Teacher Resources  Test Preparation  Web Development  Writing Skills

For Universal Class courses you can just register at home (or wherever you’d prefer) with your library card.


Go Citizen is the online version of the latest official study materials for the Life in the UK test, licensed from the Home Office, the people who write the handbook. It includes hundreds of practice test questions in the same format as the official test and has additional interactive learning resources and teaching aids to ensure you pass the Life in the UK test first time!

Just register for this with your library card.


Theory Test Pro  should allow you to pass the Driving Theory Test on your first attempt!

It contains all the official test questions licensed from the DVSA ( the people who set the tests), gives you unlimited access to all the official questions from the DVSA in the same format as the official test and realistic hazard perception video simulations. So why pay for the official books and dvds when it’s all available for free with your library card?

 All these online courses are free and can be accessed at