Inspirational female authors: Angela Carter

Since March we have been reviewing one book a month by an inspirational female author and this series will continue up until International Women’s Day next year. This month I have chosen The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.

It can be claimed that Angela Carter changed the path of fiction with her dark tales of magical realism and her influence can be seen in generations of writers since. Her novels are famous for focusing on women’s stories and The Bloody Chamber is my personal favourite. It is a collection of reimagined fairy tales, which put female voices to the front.

The collection of short stories is quite dark, with sex and violence as key themes. But, she uses this to explore issues around conventional femininity and gender roles. The language she uses and her style of writing is beautiful, in contrast with her sometimes brutal subject matter.

I love how she explores the potential of fairy tales and how she allows her female characters to be flawed and real. I think this book is a good starting point for anyone new to Angela Carter.

Join us in January for the next review of an inspirational female author. See you in 2019!

Philippa, Brompton Library