Dinosaur Douglas and National Smile Month

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional lollipop or piece of chocolate?

Douglas the Dinosaur certainly does and we were treated to a retelling of his very special dental story at Kensal Library.

Led by Kate Gielgud (our Health Information Coordinator), our under-fives discovered what happens when too many sweets are eaten and teeth are not brushed properly. Everyone quickly agreed that they would not like the ‘beastly bugs’ that took over Douglas’ mouth and the thought of the dentist’s drill was far too scary for some. After all, no one really wants a mouth full of beastly bugs OR dental fillings.


Each child had the opportunity to display their newly acquired brushing skills (“not just the front but all the way to the back – but definitely not down the throat!”) on a silicone model with one of the biggest toothbrushes I’ve ever seen! With some gentle guidance and a firm reassurance that everyone would get a chance – we soon had a room full of mini dentists.

Our libraries have a number of great children books that focus on the importance of dental hygiene – I’ve listed a few of our personal favourites:

‘Brush your teeth, Max and Millie’ by Felicity Brooks

‘Dentist’ by Simon Abbott

‘Going to the Dentist’ by Vivian French

‘How to Brush your teeth with Snappy Croc’ by Jane Clarke


Eat chocs and sweets just once a week.

Have milk or water when you drink.

Brush your teeth twice every day and spit –

Don’t rinse the paste away to keep the beastly bugs at bay”

Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs by Heather Maisner

National Smile Month is running until mid June.


Leanne Bellot