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The Dress Circle, by Laurie Graham 

This week, Ron from Pimlico Library will be reviewing The Dress Circle, by Laurie Graham. 

The Dress Circle Book Cover

Over to Ron to tell us more! 

Great read from my favourite author. A middle-aged couple are forced to reassess their relationship when a long-buried secret comes out of the closet with a vengeance. Things have to change in order for their relationship to survive. 

A catastrophic family event gives clarity as to what really is important in life and changes everything, including the way in which the secret is dealt with.  

“And so what if I love with each sparkle and each bangle, 

Why not try to see things from a different angle”. 

Enjoy with an open mind! 

If Ron’s review has your interest piqued, borrow The Dress Circle using Select and Collect.

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