Guest blog post from Kensington Mums: 40 things to do during lockdown

Many thanks to Kensington Mums for sharing their recent blog post with us – 40 things to do during lockdown.

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Over to Dina from Kensington Mums now 

Dina-96The schools have officially closed and we don’t know how long for. Year 11 students won’t get to sit the exams that they worked for or attend their end of term prom. Primary children are relying on their parents to teach them the curriculum and current conversation amongst all parents at the moment is ‘what will we do with the kids?’  How will we work from home ? educate them?, make sure we all stay healthy? and have enough to eat? How do we make sure they are protected from the awful time we are in as much as possible? This is uncharted territory it is the unknown and makes everyone feel uneasy.

Parents have become educators, as well as having to work from home, join Google hangouts and Zoom meetings and ensure that their families are well looked after and have enough of the necessities at home. In addition to finding ways to get through the days and entertain the children.

There is a lot of advice online, articles and Facebook groups including ours are sharing valuable advice, ideas and planning schedules and these will be invaluable to visit when the time comes and even to prepare for this inevitable event. So, what will we do with all this time? We all want to lead a stress free parenting time at home.

Time to do all the things that have been pending on your to do list. The gift of time will not last long. Use it doing what you can do, don’t waste it thinking of what you can’t do and trust that all is happening for your best. It’s ok if you are feeling like it’s hard, remember you are not alone.

Families around the UK are adjusting. We are living in uncertain times, be easy on yourself and on those around you. It’s ok if your kids are not following a proper schedule, it’s ok if they are watching TV and snacking more. It’s ok if you are losing your temper more often…what is important is that you are all safe because this too shall pass. Explain to your kids what is going on, this article this might help them understand things a bit better.

We share with you 40 things you can do at home with your kids:

  1. Reorganise the closets – how long have you been needing to do that for. Decluttering and spring cleaning its the time to do it. Read about the KonMari method here.
  2. Redecorate the house – boredom may inspire you
  3. Clean out the pantry get rid of those jars from 2015
  4. Finish all the load of laundry. Everything maybe cancelled but laundry is never cancelled.
  5. Try new cooking recipes. Check out our recipe section for a bit of inspiration.
  6. Meditate
  7. Hold online playdates via what’s app or skype
  8. Get kids creative from things you have at home.
  9. Enjoy messy play and play with play dough. Check more activities here.
  10. Pamper yourself at home
  11. Arts and Crafts. Check some activities here and here. Try colouring which helps reduces stress and boost creativity.
  12. Read your favourite book
  13. Take an online course
  14. Listen to podcasts, including one with our founder on her idea in starting Kensington Mums and another on finding your mama tribe.
  15. Watch online documentaries, National Geographic has a special site for children.
  16. Learn to play an instrument using online resources
  17. Exercise and work out from the comfort of your own home.
  18. Stay hydrated
  19. Enjoy quality family time
  20. Keep positive
  21. Catch up on some well deserved sleep. 
  22. Don’t forget to breath – there are some great apps to help with being calm
  23. Get fit and download workout apps. 
  24. Practice yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga is great on YouTube to do yoga with the kids
  25. Chalk drawings on the pavements in the garden
  26. Recycle old magazines and make vision boards and collages.
  27. Board games – get out your back catalogue of board games and revisit them, we have shared a few on our Instagram Stories
  28. Make your own playdoh – there are so many things to learn on YouTube
  29. Body painting arts and crafts with the kid’s hand printing foot printing they will love the mess
  30. Pinterest has an entire list of Free and cheap ideas to keep kids entertained.
  31. Kids Activities blog  offers free printables and over 600 learning activities for kids of all ages.
  32. Write postcards to care home residents they will love receiving these
  33. Learn dances from apps like (TikTok)
  34. Lego building it takes time and lots of fun for the whole family to get into
  35. Free Jigsaw puzzles are very calming and self-satisfying
  36. Travel and Leisure is offering FREE virtual museum tours could be fun and informative
  37. Parents should visit Twinkle Parent hub for help with kids learning from home
  38. Enjoy treasure hunts and playing tag at home with the whole family
  39. Become an instagrammer or youtuber sharing useful information and tips with others
  40. GoNoodle, is great to move and learn at home with a bit of mindfulness downloadable curricular activities and recommended off-screen home activities

If thats not enough, you can read more fun things to do at home here, and maintaining education provision.  Sometimes, you just need to disconnect and enjoy time with your families and little ones. This too shall pass.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we will be sharing more of what we are doing during our quarantine diaries. Remember you are not alone. Stay safe everyone!

Again, many thanks to Kensington Mums for sharing their post with us. We’ll be blogging soon about how we can help during this time.  In the meantime, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with information about online resources and other exciting content.


Kensington Mums celebrate their 5th blog anniversary & announce their second Kensington Christmas Fair

Find out more about one of Kensington and Chelsea’s community groups, Kensington Mums (who have blogged for us before), a support network for local mums and mums-to-be, and join them at their Family Christmas Fair on the 27th November. Over to our guest blogger, Dina…


Award winning ‘Mummy group’ and parenting support network, Kensington Mums, has reached its 5th blog anniversary and to celebrate has announced its second Family Christmas Fair which will be taking place this month on 27th November 2016 at the stylish Kensington Close Hotel from 10am to 5pm in support of the charity Best Beginnings.

Throughout the fair there will be lots going on to keep little ones entertained: arts and crafts, face painting, hair braiding and nail stamping to name but a few of the day’s activities and surprises. Parents, in the meantime, can enjoy festive shopping, with various exhibitors at the fair, including Bambini and Me, Club Petit Pierrot, Hesper Fox and Finns of Chelsea. The exhibitors at the fair are also mums in business, and Kensington Mums use the fair as a way of supporting and financially empowering these entrepreneurial mothers.

How did Kensington Mums start?
Kensington Mums founder, Dina Maktabi, first created the group when she found herself living in Kensington as a new mum. She was two thousand miles from her Beirut homeland with just her husband for support and the challenge of new motherhood hit hard and she struggled in isolation for months with Post Natal Depression.

More than eight years ago, with her new born in her hands, she recalls grabbing handfuls of outfits in high-street stores in the pretence of shopping, and retreating to the changing rooms to breastfeed, as the high-street had yet to cater to mothers and babies effectively.

Thankfully there has been some progress in societal views around breastfeeding and its public acceptance, but the isolation which many new mothers experience remains, particularly for ex-pat mums who are without the support network of their own family to cushion them through the early stages of starting and raising a family.

Kensington Mums was birthed in 2011 out of Dina’s desire to reconnect with other women and create the support network she was missing, and has become a celebrated free support network open to mothers from all over London.

“The friends I began to make through the launch of Kensington Mums became my family and inspired my desire to reach and help other mothers who might be experiencing the same thing. It turned out that I was not the only one. In 2014 Nathalie Bernadotte came on board and now we are an unstoppable duo with a growing ‘family’” says Dina. Today the network command an audience of over 24,000 London based mothers, many of whom live outside of the Kensington area but tap into the community for its blend of events, advice and connectivity.


The group has many awards under its belt: winning the Mumpreneur UK’s bronze award for Best Website; shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards; and was listed as a Top 100 winner of the Mumsclub Business Mum Award. Kensington Mums has also garnered support from celebrity mums Tamara Beckwith, Tamara Ecclestone, Caprice Bourret and HRH Marie Chantal and their vision is to expand their offering and reach mummy communities internationally. In 2014 sister site Mums in Beirut  was launched in the Middle East, becoming an instant hit with mothers in the region, and is now viewed as Beirut’s answer to ‘Mumsnet’.

Keeping Mums in the loop with the latest trends and family outings, Kensington Mums provides everything from family friendly healthy and delicious recipes, to regular competitions giving families a chance to win prizes from a host of well-known brands. Kensington Mums has become a destination website for honest reviews of products and services for London families. The ‘mumthly’ events held in a host of desirable London venues, have ranged from inspiring mum get-togethers to nutrition coffee mornings with expert advice on the impact of diet on toddlers and expectant mothers. The brand’s online motherhood exhibition was included in New York’s Museum of Motherhood in 2013 after the success of their original exhibition in Chelsea.

“When the opportunity to team up with Dina came in 2014, I didn’t think about it twice. I wanted to help and be part of the community that once helped me so much.  Not having family close by and being the first to have a baby within my close circle of friends, I often didn’t know who to talk to – about my labour and birth fears or who to ask advice and share tips on breastfeeding, burps and naps. I felt very lucky to have found Kensington Mums which brought me amazing friendships and helped me gain confidence in being a mother every day” says Nathalie.


In 2014 Kensington Mums launched a (free to download) KM App, meaning modern mums have instant access to the online magazine’s resources. The App is available on ITunes and GooglePlay.

Boasting an increasing group of ex-pat mothers who connect with the network before they have even made their move to London, the need for support and shared experience by like minds is evident. In an age where networking has become increasingly digital, Kensington Mums are successfully illustrating that the online landscape can be a fantastic resource for creating relationships, which cross over into ‘real’ life.

Look here for further information on Kensington Mums Christmas Fair on 27th November 2016, and here for  Beirut Mums.

Dina Maktabi, Kenisngton Mums

Have a look here for our A-Z directory of other community groups and services.

Celebrating Mother’s Day every day!

This is a guest blog, in honour of Mother’s Day (March 30th), written by Kensington Mums, a local network that offers support, advice and information for Kensington parents:

Kensington Mums
Kensington Mums

Everything I owe, I owe to my mother’. This is one of my favourite quotes. To me motherhood is a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a Mum, to be called Mama and to have children of my own. It’s a true blessing. Motherhood comes with a source of responsibility and a sense of fulfilment.

The day I became a Mother was the day I said goodbye to freedom, and solo bathroom trips. There’s no instruction booklet for being the best Mum, you just have to trust your instinct. Teaching your little ones and letting them be the best they can be is a real challenge in life and something every mother will go through. Worry is inevitable, but it’s a learning process and with every challenge along the way there will be amazing ones to come. Its always good to remember that we brought our children to this world and it is our children that help us be the best we can be and help us make memories from the little things in our everyday ordinary lives.

At times, mums will feel alone, confused and loose their true identity as a women in the process. Motherhood has so many different roles and each motherhood journey is unique in its own way. During our Kensington Mums Motherhood exhibition which took place in June 2013, I met many Mums from all walks of life who shared their personal motherhood journey. This day should be celebrated because so many Mother’s work super hard all year round and rarely get the merit they deserve. So although I’m a bit biased, I’m down for it one million percent.

As a Kensington Mum myself, I feel I have so many different roles in my family. Mothers are multi-taskers. Nurturing and celebrating ourselves is the first step towards nurturing and bringing joy to others. We are not just Mums, we are more than a Mum.

A mother is ‘A woman who realizes that no matter what she achieves in life her child is the only unique achievement that marks her life’.

Kensington Mums aims to engage with local Mums to let them know they are not alone while raising their little ones. The best thing a Mum can do is to live the example of a happy, loving relationship, understanding that as mothers they are moulding their children’s views and beliefs about love, relationships, self-worth and the world around them. Off courses fathers also play an important role.

I hope you can all join me and other Mums to put the mmmm into motherhood.


Kensington Mums is an award nominated social media website which supports Mums in their journey to motherhood. Our readers enjoy receiving the weekly scoop keeping them in the loop with local activities, latest trends and family outings. Kensington Mums also organises bespoke events for Mums and their little ones ranging from coffee mornings to mums night out, pamper events and much more…For more information please visit You can also find Kensington Mums on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, and Youtube.


Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Motherhood Exhibition

This is a guest blog post from Kensington Mums about their latest endeavour – an exhibition on motherhood. They will be at Clare Gardens Children’s Centre on Friday 25 October, 10am to 11am along with a special action songs and rhymes session.

Kensington Mums logo
Kensington Mums logo

We are proud to share with you that after popular demand, we have teamed up with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to re-create the Motherhood Exhibition.

The exhibition will have the same concept as our previous Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition where Mums from all walks of life are invited to come and share their voices and stories on motherhood. The exhibition will showcase and support mums to develop and share their own motherhood stories using their own personal pictures which to them illustrate the definition of motherhood.

We will be using the activity from  and there will be short filming as well documenting the many different motherhood journeys.

If you would like to come along, for a bit of fun, play and  networking I invite you to attend one of the sessions at your local children centres in the borough. Crèche is  provided at some of the sessions, but must be booked in advance and there will be play sessions for your little ones.

The final motherhood exhibition date will be confirmed in the New Year. If you missed the last exhibition, this is your chance to take part. Now is your time to shine and join me and other Mums to celebrate Mother’s Day every day! Just because we deserve it.

To be kept in the loop with the local scoop with the latest in children activities, playgroup and family outings, join Kensington Mums where you get free updates with what’s on for you and your little one(s). You are welcome to connect with other Mums to share your tips and recommendation and capture all those invaluable word of mouth recommendations.  It’s a fantastic support network! Kensington Mums also organises Mummy and baby outings as well as Mums Night out and pamper events! Visit The Kensington Mums website for more information.

Summer in London for Kids

So many of you enjoyed the blog post last December from Kensington Mums, Christmas in London for Kids that when they offered to write something similar for the summer  we said yes please! And if you’re looking to see what’s happening in our libraries this summer – check out our Summer Reading Challenge events page.

Now over to Kensington Mums….

Kensington Mums logo
Kensington Mums logo

It’s the Summer Holidays, that means six weeks of entertaining your little ones while ‘trying’ to keep sane. Apparently, it only takes 66 days to form a new habit, so summer is the perfect time to be forming good learning routines.  Just saying :)

It is also a beautiful endless summer waiting to be filled with memories. Here are our local picks of more than a dozen things to do with kids this summer in London. If you are staying in the capital then read on as no stone was left unturned in my quest to find the best local activities and places to visit to keep your little ones entertained this Summer. There are loads of fun things to do with your little ones this summer, most of which are FREE!

Kensington Mums summer drinks invitation
Kensington Mums summer drinks invitation

Kensington Mums is having a social networking event on the 16 August with the lovely members of the group. Dads are welcome too. Get in touch to register. This event is by invitation only. Enjoy your holidays and let us know what you are planning to get up to and have enjoyed the most by joining the conversation on our Facebook Page, any recommendations or suggestions are also welcome. To be kept in the loop you can follow us on Twitter @KensingtonMums

What’s on this summer for you and your little ones

Ecology Centre in Holland Park
Ecology Centre in Holland Park

London’s parks

The sun is shining, enjoy some outdoor fun in our local parks and paddling pools.

Ecology Holiday Activity Programme 2013 at Holland Park. Great sessions morning and afternoon for your little ones to explore nature’s beauty and learn with hands on activities.

Diana Memorial Playground. Little ones can play in ‘Peter Pan’ themed playground with a huge wooden pirate ship and teepees to explore and for the kids to run around and let some steam off. Expect long queues during peak times.

Diana Memorial Fountain is great for little ones to splash around and just around the corner you will find the Serpentine Lido and its accompanying paddling pool which are great for both adults and children. Expect long queues during peak times.

Kensington Memorial Park not far from the buzzing streets of Portobello Market is heaven for little ones especially in these hot summer days. The modern, interactive water play area which consists of 22 different water-play items. There is also a sand pit, slides and a rocket frame for kids to climb onto. Highly recommend it! Just don’t forget your swim suit and towel!

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

Holland Park also has a lovely sandy play area for little ones and don’t forget to have a nice walk in the beautiful Kyoto Garden.

Shape Up in Holland Park, every Wednesday until 4 September as part of the Council’s summer programme of health activities for adults. There is something on every weekday.  Whether you fancy toning your body with Tai Chi or using the new outdoor gym, or enjoying a healthy walk in the leafy environs of Holland Park there’s something for everybody. Prices vary from free to £5 and the events take place late mornings and lunchtimes. For more information and a full schedule please contact : 020 7938 8182 or email:

One of our Royal Parks
One of our Royal Parks

Experience the magic of the Royal Parks! They are organising summer holiday activities, from guided walks to nature talks to family learning and discovery days. Click here for family experiences and here for children experiences.

Hanging basket at Opera Holland Park
Hanging basket at Opera Holland Park

The Opera Holland Park 2013 Season is here including Madame Butterfly and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  as well as Luna Cinema which presents Summer Cinema at Opera Holland Park – classic films on the big screen at London’s most beautiful theatre.

Museums and galleries

Victoria and Albert Museum are hosting many summer activities, including the Imagination Station, Pop-Up Performances and Drop in Design. While you are there, young and old alike will enjoy paddling pool in the courtyard.

Family workshops at Saatchi Gallery are running on 17 and 24 August. Little ones will exploring the current exhibitions Paper and New Order and go on an interactive tour of the exhibition followed by a fun, creative workshop in response to the artist of the week. Booking required. Please note these workshops are suitable for families with children aged 3 to 12 years old.

The Museum of London are organising lots of family fun sessions including a musical playground, interactive performances and storytelling sessions.

Free Theatre – More London Free Festival 2013. It’s free, it’s family friendly and it celebrates the local community. There are no tickets – just take your seat, first come first served! Every Wednesday to Sunday in August experience award-winning Theatre from London’s Free Open Air Theatre Season.

The Museum of Childhood has Summer holiday activities, Thursday  25 July – Monday 2 September and a Family Chess Club, Saturdays 22 June, 6 and 20 July 3, 17 and 31 August.

Sensational butterflies!
Sensational butterflies!

Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum. Read our full review here.

Free Drop-in Workshops: The Drawing Station at Somerset House, every Saturday in August.

Science Museum Live: The Energy Show. 22 July – 31 August 2013: throughout the summer holidays. While you are there, don’t miss the 3D Summer at the Science Museum from Thursday 25 July to Sunday 1 September 2013.

Fashion Rules! – Fun Fridays at Kensington Palace this summer. 26 July and 2,9,16,23 August 11.00 – 16.00.

Head to Covent Gardens and visit the London Transport Museum,over the holidays they have organised some family station activities from 6 July as well as demonstrations, story time and make and take workshops.

Gallery Pavilion 2013
Gallery Pavilion 2013

Visit the Serpentine Gallery to visit the Gallery Pavilion 2013 which is designed by multi award-winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

Open Studio at the Tate Modern every weekend and Thursdays and Fridays in the school holidays.

And the rest

Despicable Me 2
Despicable Me 2

Escape the heat and head into your local cinema to watch Despicable Me 2. Its great family movie the whole family will enjoy.

Little Creatures family festival at London Zoo. From Friday 30 August – Sunday 1 September, ZSL London Zoo will open its doors for a weekend of big fun for your little ones.

Westfield White City are hosting ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ sessions and ‘Kids in the Garden’ every Monday and Wednesday from 12 noon to 5pm and Storytelling at the Tipi every Tuesday 11am  to 4pm.

Enjoy your holidays and remember: every-summer-has-a-story-257x300