Are you giving or getting an e-reader for Christmas?

xmas-treexmas-treeIf you are, did you know that you can borrow e-books from the library – free? We have a great selection and all you need to do is be a library member and then sign up for the e-book service. It’s that simple (unless you have a Kindle… read more below).

Here’s what David, a recently retired library member, thinks of the service:


I love books and reading, sometimes as an alternative to TV and video, sometimes inspired by a TV show, but usually in addition to the TV programmes I choose to watch. I have discovered that I can cope easily with multiple formats! And while I still borrow and buy physical books, I now regularly download and read e-books. With my ipad I can see the news, watch TV or video, listen to music, send emails, and READ BOOKS! I no longer have to carry books around with me when on the move, or even from one room to the next. I can have lots of books with no extra weight. I can read a few pages wherever I am.
Now not all books are available in a e-format, and the joy of browsing the physical shelves is removed. But how about this – without having to leave the comfort of your home, you can go online to the Kensington & Chelsea Libraries ebooks service, find titles or authors that suit your taste and download them to your device absolutely free of charge. After two weeks, the items automatically delete themselves so there’s no risk of overdue charges, and an incentive to get to the last page before the two weeks are up! There are lots of titles to choose from, and new ones are regularly added. The process is straightforward, and you can create wishlists and reserve titles, and have a reminder of what you have previously read. All in all another great aspect of our library service.

So if you’re giving someone an e-reader for Christmas, pop into the library and pick up one of the cards about the e-book service so you can wrap it up with the present – and your loved one can download loads of free books on Christmas Day!

Note to Kindle users: Unfortunately Amazon do not allow library e-books to be used on their eReaders. However, you can read our titles on an Amazon tablet – the Kindle Fire – though you have to download an app to do so: Find out more about downloading library e-books to a Kindle Fire.