Memories of a creepy summer…

As the nights are getting darker, we decided to look back at some summer events and remember the fun we had when the sun was shining…

…and here at Chelsea library this summer we had a bumper edition of our summer reading challenge with the theme of ‘spooky house’. Everyone was keen to join in the summer fun and the friendly staff couldn’t wait to take it on: the challenge of a new creepy house activity every week!

Was it too much to expect in the soaring heat? With gay abandon everyone threw themselves into it.We had so many ideas we wanted to try out on the kids.

 Daniel was keen to dress as a bat and hang upside down from the children’s library uplighters.

Di was ready to stand at the top of the stairs in her Victorian nightie holding a flaming candelabra aloft.

We tried them out, we thought better of it.

We decided we needed an entertainer. We searched from A to Z. At Askew Road we found  Zedh (Library Manager) who mentioned Wiz. Mr Wiz it was , Wiz went off with a bang, a wizz bang.He really got the fireworks started with a show that set the library alight

 We were set on a trail of super dooper fun: fun with a capital F.

Thursday afternoons in childrens were not the same, with everyone trying to outdo the others with their classy creepy crafts.

Creepy Summer Reading Challenge crafts at Chelsea!
Creepy Summer Reading Challenge crafts at Chelsea!

Chelsea children chose Thursdays as their favourite afternoon, beating Dr Who on Saturday afternoons into second place.

First they built a creepy house, upon  which  on consecutive weeks they continued in their thrilling quest to fill with all sorts of ghouls and ghosts and spiders and snakes and rats and bats and all things creepy. Not to mention witches and wizards. There was so much we couldn’t capture it all.

Creepy house crafts
Creepy house crafts

Roll on the next Summer Reading Challenge – but we’ll have to get through Christmas first!