Colour-in-a-Dragon competition

During St Georges’ week, a Colour-in-a-Dragon competition was held in our children’s libraries in Kensington and Chelsea. The best pictures from each library were selected, given a small prize and put forward for the inter library prize.

The winners for North Kensington Library were by Sam (aged 4) and Lilah Wilson-Stephens (aged 6). They came and collected their prizes, a craft activity toy, after school on Monday 17 May. They are brother and sister and it turns out their mother is an artist, so they seem to have inherited her talent!

James holding the two winning entries

I chose Sam’s picture because he used lots of different colours but all in a similar colour palate, so the effect is pleasing and not messy. Most importantly, he kept all the colours inside the different sections, with very little crossing over the lines. Very good work for a four-year-old!

I chose Lilah’s because she used an excellent golden yellow for the dragon’s body, not a trace of colour crosses over any line, and all the sections are very carefully and evenly filled. Again, very good, precise work for a six-year-old!

Both Sam and Lilah were both very pleased to be the winners. They were also keen to show me their latest gymnastic moves, before heading home for tea and to play with their prizes.

James Rawlings

North Kensington Library

Matisse meets Pharrell at North Kensington Children’s library

Zvezdana Popovic, North Kensington Senior Customer Services Assistant, writes…

Come and see the amazing display created by the children of North Kensington Library.

Matisse meets Pharrell – Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!
Matisse meets Pharrell – Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!

It all began with just five pieces of art produced at our June Art and Craft session inspired by Matisse’s Cut-outs exhibition at Tate Modern. Soon everybody wanted to make and add their own pieces. Suddenly we had cut outs of hands all over the place – and if you have more hands, the natural thing to do is to CLAP!

So we clapped and the idea was born …

Matisse display (2) Matisse display (3) Matisse display (6) Matisse display (7)

We named our display: Matisse meets Pharrell – Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.

Matisse meets Pharrell!
Matisse meets Pharrell!