New Year – Vogue Style

Chelsea Library as part of its special fashion collection has copies of Vogue Magazine, going back to the mid 1920s.

We have blogged several times about our fashion collection:  Vogue covers, Japanese Winter kimonos and Chinese Lotus slippers. And as our Christmas Vogue post was so popular we thought why not say Happy New Year with some amazing images from Vogue. It’s certainly a stylish way to welcome 2013!

Vogue Magazine Millenium Issue, December 1999
Vogue Magazine Millenium Issue, December 1999

The special Vogue millenium issue in December 1999 reviewed a century of style.

A Century of Style - as seen by Vogue
A Century of Style – as seen by Vogue

The millenium issue also predicts future trends. Do you think we’ll be wearing outfits like this in seven years time?

Future Fashion Trends?
Future Fashion Trends?

Please don’t think we only have back issues of Vogue at Chelsea Library! Bringing us right up to the present, the January 2013 issue brings us into the digital age with their review of the year which is available online only.

Vogue Magazine - January 2013
Vogue Magazine – January 2013

So Happy New Year from us.  Remember-  nothing beats looking at these magazines in person. Pop into Chelsea Library where you’ll find our Vogue Magazine collection bound in a very chic blue.

Debby Wale, Triborough Reference Librarian

Chelsea Reference Library