Let’s make candied peel

Our book of the week is The Other Boleyn Girl which follows the story of Mary Boleyn, sister to the infamous Anne Boleyn. In a novel focused on ambition and intrigue we thought we’d focus on the simpler sweeter things. A favourite treat of the Tudor court was candied peel and before it was made with sugar it used to be made with honey in a process that took 10 days.

Luckily, we now have a simpler recipe that we can follow to make candied peel that will take about an hour. The result is an achingly sweet peel that is great in cakes and lasts in a tightly sealed jar for up to six weeks. So, grab your fruit and sugar and let’s make candied peel. Continue reading “Let’s make candied peel”


Let’s make butter

Did you know that you can make your own butter at home? It’s one of the easiest recipes out there and produces a delightfully creamy product that just begs to be slathered over freshly baked bread. With it being National Dairy Month in June we couldn’t resist bringing you the simplest recipe you’ll ever follow.  Continue reading “Let’s make butter”

Let’s make bread

Our book of the week is The Handmaid’s Tale and bread plays an important role in the discourse around gender roles within this story. It’s used as a way to put people down and in their place. With shops named Daily Bread and Loaves and Fishes which don’t actually sell bread there is a hard line taken by the leaders of Gilead that women should be in the home baking bread as a sign of family values.

We read this book and immediately wanted to reclaim the act of bread making the pleasure and relaxation it can bring you and for the community and relationship building it can inspire. So, grab your apron and your yeast and let’s see what we can achieve. Continue reading “Let’s make bread”