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Happy New Year everyone! 

This week, Richard from Brompton Library will be reviewing Reality Is Not What It Seems, by Carlo Rovelli.   

Over to Richard to tell us more!  

The book opens with: ‘We are obsessed with ourselves. We study our history, our psychology, our philosophy, our gods. Much of our knowledge revolves around ourselves, as if we were the most important thing in the universe. I think I like physics because it opens a window through which we can see further. It gives me the sense of fresh air entering the house’.  

Reality Is Not What It Seems is a popular science book that attempts to convey the childlike wonder of physics, often by discussing scientific concepts in terms of the arts – unusual for a scientist- and thereby attempting to recognize mutual concerns shared by both the sciences and the humanities.   

Rovelli starts the book with the Greeks, moving swiftly between writers and thinkers like Democritus and Lucretius, Galileo and Dante, Einstein and Primo Levi before arriving at current ideas in Quantum physics, where the universe appears to exist not as objects, but rather as events.  

If, like Richard, you’re interested in the symbiotic relationship between the arts and the sciences, or just want a different way to understand physics, this book could be for you.  

Why not borrow it from our Click and Collect service and discover a world among our own you never knew existed! 


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