Children’s Book of the Week: When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Our children’s book this week introduces readers to the two basic kinds of monster.  On every page there are two possible outcomes… but some possibilities are more horrible than others!  Here are five monstrous things to do, inspired by the story. 

  1. When a Monster is Born – read aloud

So, when a monster is born, what kind of monster will it be?  Find out by watching this read aloud version, over on YouTube.

An illustration from When a Monster is Born

2. Sponge monsters

These sponge monsters are a lot of messy fun, and great for younger kids.

Photo of a child’s painting made of sponge prints

3. How to make a paper monster puppet

These paper puppets are amazingly easy and fun to make – this video shows you how.

Photo of two paper monster hand puppets

4. How to make monster cupcakes

Baking with the kids is a nice activity for a rainy afternoon – here is a monster cupcake tutorial for Halloween.

Photo of a green monster cupcake

5. Monster party games for kids

And finally, we found some party games to help your little monsters celebrate Halloween indoors!

Photo of a Halloween pumpkin. Photo credit: Łukasz Nieścioruk 


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