International Day for Older Persons

What is International Day for Older Persons?  

On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly selected 1 October the International Day for Older Persons. This is a day set aside to raise awareness of issues affecting the elderly and to appreciate our Elders.   

With better knowledge, care, medicines and lifestyles choices/ changes people are living longer.  Age UK, the charity, is there to help the older generation, who feel there is no one there to support them with information and advice, telephone friendship (someone to talk to) and current up-to-date information.   

Check out their website here.

In the meantime, here are 10 tips for aging better, produced by Age UK. 

We all know health both physical and mental is important whether young or old.  For a fifteen minute workout by the National Institute on Aging, see  here

For useful advise on incorporating strengthening exercises in your routine, read this.

What about mental health? Lots of useful information is again available on the Age UK website, see here.

What can you do to support the elderly on this special day? 

Just a few suggestions:  

  • For exciting volunteering positions go here.
  • Visit or talk to your elderly neighbour or relative  
  • Can you help your neighbour bring in groceries or medication?  
  • Have you any ideas? 

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