Children’s book of the week: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a classic American picture book from the 1940s written by Margaret Wide Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.  It tells the comforting story of a young bunny wishing goodnight to all the objects in the “great green room”. 

 A reading of Goodnight Moon by Ella Fields 

Ella Fields is a young YouTuber who has created a very touching short film of Goodnight Moon.  Of all the ‘read aloud’ versions out there, this is our favourite. 

Balloon art activity 

The bunny in Goodnight Moon famously says goodnight to all kinds of things – here is an art project inspired by the red balloon.  

Goodnight Moon scavenger hunt 

Kids can help set up this fun scavenger hunt by creating freehand drawings of the pictures in the book, and then finding places to hide them.   

Goodnight Moon memory game 

We love a good memory game – this one is easy to make at home, using very simple supplies.   

Goodnight Moon I spy bottle 

Did you know there is a tiny mouse hiding in every picture in Goodnight Moon?  This i-spy GooGoodbottle activity is a celebration of all things tiny.      


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