Recommended Reads

This week’s Book of the Week is A Streetcat Named Bob, by James Bowen. Fittingly, our theme this week is cats, so we have put together a list of feline-centred novels for you to flick through and enjoy!

cat-spitting-mad Cat Spitting Mad, by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

If you’re looking for a more contemporary adult read, try Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Cat Spitting Mad; a humorous take on the crime genre narrated by felines. When Joe Grey and Ducie’s preferred target for their harmless pranks is charged with a murder he did not commit, the two cats must do everything in their power to save him. The only witness to the crime, however, is missing. Can the cats find her before it’s too late?

into the wild Warriors: Into the Wild, by Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter’s beloved fantasy series tells the story of four clans of forest-dwelling wild cats, living by the laws passed down to them from their ancestors. But when the ThunderClan is threatened, the cats’ way of life is put in grave danger. Into this turmoil arrives Rusty, an ordinary house cat. But despite his background, Rusty may turn out to be the fiercest Warrior of them all…

kaspar-prince-of-cats Kaspar: Prince of Cats, by Michael Morpurgo

Kaspar and Johnny meet in London in the illustrious Savoy Hotel, when Johnny carries Kaspar to his mistress’s room in a basket. Johnny did not expect to end up with Kaspar on his hands forever, nor did he anticipate the journeys they would share. Surviving shipwrecks, living across the world and meeting spirited heiresses are just a few of the pair’s adventures. Everything changes with the Prince of Cats around.

unlikely friendships Unlikely Friendships

This beautiful book tells the story of 37 unlikely animal friendships, complete with the enhancement of adorable, full-colour photographs. Meet a German Shepherd and his avian best friend, a Pitbull and his tortoise companion, and many, many more in this quick and heart-warming read.

Some of these books are available to download from our cloudLibrary here.  All you need is an RBKC library card and if you are not a member, don’t worry,  just click here – it’s completely free to join and use our resources. 


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