Children’s book of the Week: Booboo Baby and the Giraffe

Boo Boo Baby has lots of fun bouncing from animal to animal – but here comes a… rhino! “Boo hoo!” says Baby Boo Boo, so the animals comfort her, bouncing her back to bed. This is a wonderfully soothing bedtime story from the author of Handa’s Surprise.

Craft for kids: Making giraffe-Art 

Paper crafts are some of the easiest craft activities you can do with your kids. All you need are some basic craft supplies – paper, scissors, glue and card board over here.

Online video Giraffe Facts for Kids

Giraffe facts! Learn all about giraffes with these giraffe facts for kids! This is an animal learning video you will not want to miss! Perfect for the classroom and home!

National Geographic Fun Giraffe Facts! 

Discover these 10 fascinating facts on Giraffes with National Geographic kids – who knew giraffes ate so much?

Africa Facts for Kids!

A truly a unique species, giraffes are found only in sub-Saharan Africa and can reach unbelievable heights. Learn more about giraffes and many other African animals here.

How to draw a Giraffe! 

Learn how to draw a giraffe in this fun video for kids.


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