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In this week’s books we love, Marion from Chelsea is reviewing On the Trail of Wolves where Philippa Forrester finds out what it’s like to live among wolves.  Her second review is the new novel by Malcolm Galdwell, Talking to Strangers, where he explores how easy it is to misread people and the damaging consequences of doing so.  Over to Marion…

On the trail of wolvesThe author Philippa Forrester has offered a wonderful account of watching wolves reintroduced into Wyoming, Midwest America in 1995.  Not everyone was happy to have wolves return. After listening to various interested parties, hunters, ranchers and local people the author presents a balanced presentation of the arguments for wolf reintroduction or not. Along with sightings of the wolves themselves, this online read from the library app, Cloud Library, made for an enjoyable online read.

I enjoyed this online read which is a ’roundabout exploration of the assumptions we make when dealing with people we don’t know,’ to quote from a Guardian review.  Social Science studies and actual events from the meetings between Chamberlain and Hitler to the Bernard Madoff scandal are used to show how misunderstandings occur when through human interactions with strangers and their tragic outcomes.

Both of these books are available to borrow from CloudLibrary here you just need your Kensington and Chelsea Library card.  If you are not a member yet, don’t worry.  Joining is free and easy, just click here.

Talking to Strangers is also available on Rbdigital as an enhanced audiobook that includes original archival interviews and musical scoring.  Find out more about how to download the app here.



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