Children’s book of the week: I Want My Hat Back

In ‘I Want My Hat Back’, a bear is searching for his missing hat.  He meets various animals along the way, and he receives a lot of different answers to his question.  This is a funny story which ends with a twist.

I Want My Hat Back Little Angel Theatre puppet show

Little Angel Theatre has created a fantastic puppet performance of ‘I Want My Hat Back’.  It’s a beautifully designed set, with live music, and a mesmerising central performance!  Click here to see for yourselves.

Make the bear puppet from ‘I Want My Hat Back

Sam Wilde from Little Angel Theatre demonstrates here how to make the bear puppet from ‘I Want My Hat Back’.  This is quite advanced, so more suitable for older children, with help from an adult.

How to make a simple origami hat

It is super-easy to make a folded paper hat, and if a rabbit steals your hat, you can just make another one.  Have a go yourselves over here.

Make a forest scene 

Candlewick Press have created this activity pack to celebrate Jon Klassen’s ‘Hat’ trilogy.  The forest scene is a fun way for kids to explore Jon Klassen’s illustrations.  Click here to find out more.

Jon Klassen’s ‘Hat’ trilogy activities

Walker Press have published some activities for the ‘Hat’ trilogy, including the Matching game.  Can you remember which hat belongs to which animal?    Try it out over here.





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