Children’s Book of the Week: Room on the Broom

This week, the children’s book of the week is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  This is a wonderful story of a kind witch and her cat, three helpful animals, and a menacing dragon.   Will they all fit on the witch’s broom?  Here are five resources to help you explore the story further.

BSL Signed Stories: Room on the Broom

The Royal Association for Deaf People has created lots of awesome signed stories, including this reading of ‘Room on the Broom’.   Why not try signing the story as you read along over here?

Room on the Broom: Witch’s Potion

Inspiration Laboratories has devised some educational activities inspired by ‘Room on the Broom’ – we particularly like their fizzing Witch’s Potion which you can try out for yourself over here.

Room on the Broom sensory bin

Younger children and pre-schoolers can get involved in creating a sensory bin based on the magical objects and animals in ‘Room on the Broom’.  Part of the fun is identifying items in the book and finding real-life props around the home. Find out how to make one over here.

Room on the Broom and other Songs with Julia Donaldson

Did you know ‘Room on the Broom’ has been set to music and performed on stage by Julia Donaldson and friends?  Here is a video of the entire performance, complete with a four-headed mud monster!

Papier mâché toadstools

Axel Scheffler’s illustrations feature lots of toadstools!  This is a great reason to make some papier mâché fungi.  All you need is old newspaper, a little flour, water, and some paint, just click here.


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