Healthy at Home

Welcome to our two part series, Healthy at Home.  Its so important for our health and wellbeing that we take regular exercise to keep our bodies healthy and ourselves happy and calm.  Here is a selection of resources that you can use to exercise in your own home.  This week, it’s floor exercises.

London Pilates pro, Lottie Murphy, brings you a strong, full body practice courtesy of Adidas Women.  Engage your entire body over 10 minutes, then flow into a relaxing cool down. Click here to try it out.

The NHS One You website has various short video exercises and tips on how to keep healthy.  There is also a free app called “Active 10″which could be used for those who enjoy a daily walk. Find out more here.

For excellent, free yoga classes, try out Yoga with Adrienne over here.  And if that’s not enough, FLYLDN have free, live yoga classes on Instagram every day at 8 am, 12.30 pm and 17.45 which leaves you with no excuses not to try it out over here!

The Olympic team have partnered with the BBC to create these excellent home workout videos.  You can also find them on the Team GB Facebook page.

Why not learn Tai Chi?  A 13th century martial art using breathing and flowing movements.  Tai Chi can help to alleviate stress, improve flexibility and strength in one’s legs in addition to a being and mindful practice!  Find out more over here.

Join us next Friday for more inspiration with ideas for chair exercises.



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