Celebrating black voices in literature – non-fiction

If the last few weeks have taught us anything it is that we should be lifting black voices, authors, artists, etc every day of the year, not just when there’s a protest or when it is Black History Month. With that in mind we searched through our online catalogue to find the best in black literature and over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting different genres from non-fiction to Young Adult. We’ve chosen four books this week that look at antiracism and help us understand race, bias, and privilege.

All these eBooks are available to download from our cloudLibrary here.  All you need is a Kensington and Chelsea library card and if you are not a member, don’t worry, just click here – it’s completely free to join and use our resources.

How to be an antiracistHow to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

The perfect book to kickstart your journey. Ibram explains antiracist ideas for the reader to understand just how far reaching the depth of discrimination in our society is and how you can stand up and speak out against it. Kendi asks us what an antiracist society might look like and how we can work together to build it.


Brit(ish) by Afue Hirsch

“You’re British. Your parents are British. You were raised in Britain. Your partner, your children and most of your friends are British. So why do people keep asking you where you are from?” Afue Hirsch explores the nature of that question within British society by exploring the origins of racism, heritage and class, and what it means to not be white in Britain today.

Why i'm no longer talking to white people about raceWhy I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

This book started as a blog post back into 2014 when Reni felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the way discussions on race and racism in Britain were being held by those not affected by it. In this book Reni Eddo-Lodge explores the history of racism, eradicated black history, and whitewashed feminism. An essential read for understanding race and black history in the UK.

BiasedBiased by Jennifer Eberhardt

From one of the world’s leading experts on unconscious racial bias, a personal examination of one of the central controversies and culturally powerful issues of our time, and its influence on contemporary race relations and criminal justice. We do not have to be racist to be biased. With a perspective that is both scientific, investigative, and informed by personal experience, Jennifer Eberhardt offers a reasoned look into the effects of implicit racial bias, ranging from the subtle to the dramatic.

This list is only a small selection of the books we have available in our online collection. If you want to read more about black history, antiracism, or you want to find out what other black authors we have then head over to the Cloud Library to find more.



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