Children’s book of the week: Handa’s Suprise

Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne is the story of a young girl bringing a gift of fruit to her friend in a neighbouring village.  Little does she know, Handa’s gift attracts the attention of some animals along the way!  The story has been a firm favourite since 1994 and has been translated into many languages.

Handa’s Surprise Read Aloud

You can listen to a lovely reading of Handa’s Surprise by Mrs Moorehead at The Teacher’s Spot over here.  The drumming soundtrack adds atmosphere to this story of friendship in rural Kenya.

Rainbow fruit skewers

Children can help construct colourful fruit skewers by threading chunks of fruit onto kebab sticks.  This is a great way to encourage kids to eat fruit or to try something new! Make your own here.

Handa’s Surprise picture book animation

Walker Books have created a beautiful animation of Handa’s Surprise, and TV’s Adjoa Andoh provides the narration. Click here to listen.

Zebra face paint tutorial

There are seven animals in Handa’s Surprise, and it might be fun to recreate one of them in face paint.  We found this quick tutorial to show you how.  You could add an element of surprise by allowing your child to paint this on your face!

Fruit printing

If you have some old fruit hanging around, it can be used to make these fruit prints.  You can also use old potatoes or sponges – anything really – to dip in paint and print onto paper.

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