Children’s book of the week: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This week for our children’s book of the week, we have We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.  This is a wonderful tale of adventure as a family bravely venture out to find a bear. We’re not scared, are you?

Watch Michael Rosen tell the story

The glorious Michael Rosen performs his story – or is it a poem?  This tale of resilience and courage is more relevant then ever.  Michael Rosen is very funny and lots of children will know him from his hilarious ‘Chocolate Cake’ video.  Check him out here?

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt map and binoculars

Budding adventurers can create their own map plus some cute cardboard binoculars by clicking here. After all the cutting, gluing and finger painting, kids can get immersed in re-enacting the story in their own home.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt art project

Perfect for pre-schoolers, this art project takes its inspiration from Helen Oxenbury’s charming illustrations. Lots of textures and different techniques make this a fun sensory activity for young children.  Try it out over here.

Bear Crawl – Fun activities for kids 

One of Joe Wicks’ favourite exercises, the Bear Crawl gets kids moving around in a fun way that builds strength and coordination. A great choice for home school PE lessons!  Click here to start crawling.

Origami Bear finger puppets

Older children will enjoy learning a new origami design with this easy to follow tutorial over here.



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