Children’s Book of the Week: Errol’s Garden by Gillian Hibbs

Errol loves growing plants at home – in fact, he is an awesome indoor gardener!  We found five ways for kids to enjoy the story and to do some real and imaginary gardening.

Listen to Gillian Hibbs reading Errol’s Garden

Tucked away here on Youtube is this reading of ‘Errol’s Garden’ by the author Gillian Hibbs.   Gillian has included a fun challenge at the end of the story: design you dream garden with Errol!

How To Regrow Your Veggies

It’s super-easy to regrow vegetables using scraps of veggies from your fridge.  Ava’s video shows you how to regrow spring onions with quick results.   Find out more here.

Mini Indoor Garden

Pick up some indoor gardening hacks with Gillian.  The first hack uses a recycled strawberry container as a mini greenhouse – it’s perfect for growing sunflower seedlings.     Click here to find out more.

Flower Pot Craft for Kids

Children can create a decorative flower pot using a recycled coffee tin.  Punch a few holes in the base and it could be used to grow some lovely basil or chives.   Have a go at growing your own here.

DIY: Make a watering can from an old milk jug 

Give younger children their own gardening duties with a recycled watering can.  This watering can holds a satisfying amount of water so your child can give plants a really good soak.   Click here to find out more.


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