Books we love

Join us every Sunday for our new series, Books We Love.  We will be sharing staff reviews off all the books they have been catching up with lately.  This week Marion from Chelsea Library and Fiona from Brompton Library talk about this week’s book of the week, Normal People by Sally Rooney. 

Marion from Chelsea Library:

A coming of age novel about two young people who begin a relationship in their last year at school in the west of Ireland before leaving to go to university in Dublin. Even though the writing is mostly the two main characters talking about their feelings for each other, I was hooked on the first page ‘til the end of the book. Amazing writing and a very good read.


Fiona from Brompton Library:

I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy this book but it totally captured my interest both through the narrator and the storyline.  Marianne and Connell are both flawed and very human characters and their relationship takes many interesting twists and turns.  Funny, honest and sometimes heartbreaking.  Sally Rooney knows how to tell a great story.

Photo of Sally Rooney ©Patrick Bolger

Normal People is available on Cloudlibrary to download.  Click here to download your copy.  You just need your library membership number and don’t worry if you’re not a member, you can join our library service here.


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