Harry Potter Extravaganza at Kensington Central Library!

The third annual Harry Potter Book Night has been and gone but we here at Kensington Central Library are still buzzing from the excitement from last week’s Harry Potter Extravaganza event.

Regretfully, the professors of Hogwarts were unable to find time in their busy schedules to come along to the event but did entrust us with some of their best prefects.

There was a lot of magical fun to be had, take a look and see what we got up to.

Sorting Ceremony

“Now slip me snug around your ears,
I’ve never yet been wrong,
I’ll have a look inside your mind
And tell where you belong!”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

Equipped with the Sorting Hat, prefects Asma and Phillipa guided the young Witches and Wizards through the Sorting Ceremony. As fate would have it, there were quite a few additions to the Gryffindor house!

Hogwarts Classes

As this year’s theme was the ‘Professors of Hogwarts’ we thought it would be a good idea to honour a few of our favourite professors by exploring their subjects.


Potions was definitely popular! Led by Laoise and Kevin, students attempted to recreate the example potions we made earlier. While no one got the potion exactly right, there were plenty of close entries that earned their houses lots of points.

Care of Magical Creatures (and Objects)

The students were challenged to correctly identify what magical creature or magical item was inside the trunks by touch only. Some of examples they encountered were: Gillyweed, a Dragon’s Claw, Flubberworms and Unicorn dung! I’m sure some of the items felt really gross – well done for being so brave!


While flying broomsticks are not permitted in the library, flying hoops are!

Prefect Ann headed this activity and awarded points for every hoop that landed on a hat. It was definitely a lot harder than it looked!


Jonathan challenged the students to turn black paper into rainbow paper! I won’t give away the secrets to his success but I will say the students who got the best results probably had a sip of Felix Felicis!


With Ravenclaw prefect Andrea supervising, the children transfigured modelling clay into various different magical items. Points were awarded for the most similar designs.

House Cup Winners

We wrapped the event with a House quiz – which was won by Gryffindor! Congratulations!

Before we revealed the house that collected the most house points throughout the day, we did a prize draw for our Scavenger Hunt participants. Well done to Victoria for winning a complete Harry Potter box set!

Then came the big reveal – Gryffindor was named the House Cup winners with a whomping 1312 points! (In celebration of their win the photos have been decorated in Gryffindor’s colours!)



A huge thank you to everyone that helped with the event, it would not have been possible without you. A special shout out to the UoL Harry Potter Society and Celeste for coming along to help! We look forward to seeing you all in June for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!


Leanne Bellot, Lending Librarian


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