50 books that make great films (Part Three)

I am back with another installment in our ’50 books that make great films’ series! We’re making great progress, and we are officially halfway through the list! If you haven’t already, check out our first two posts (Part 1 | Part 2) and see how many of the films listed you’ve seen and enjoyed. As usual, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

b6Any human heart

Was made into a 4-part series that paint the picture of a man’s life, from early adulthood to ripe old age, but also encompassing some of the important social changes and world events [Submitted by Roz]

Any human heart by William Boyd| First Published: 2002 | Drama Release: 2010 | Genre: Drama


b4Far From the Madding Crowd

Wonderfully acted and beautiful cinematography! Matthias Schoenaerts is a particular stand out in his role as Gabriel. [Submitted by Zvezdana]

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy | First Published: 1922| Film Release: 2015 | Genre: Drama, Romance



b5Fight Club

“Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club”. That said, it’s a pretty great film and well worth a watch. [Submitted by Adam and David]

Fight Club by: Chuck Palakniuk | First Published: 1996 |Film Release: 1999 | Genre: Drama



b10The French Lieutenant’s Woman

A great script by Harold Pinter, the movie has two endings, just like the book! A very difficult book to bring to the screen, Pinter manages it perfectly, in my view anyway! [Submitted by Roz]

The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles |First Published: |Film Release: 1981| Genre: Drama Romance



b7I Capture the Castle

I remember reading this at school, and it’s stayed with me since! I Capture the Castle is a coming-of-age story following Cassandra Mortmain as she takes her first tentative steps into young adulthood. Romola Garai and Rose Byrne are great as the Mortmain sisters. [Submitted by Leanne]

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith | First Published: 1948 | Film Release: 2004 | Genre: Drama Romance


b2Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources

Novels by Marcel Pagnol. Both are heart-wrenching French classics starring Gerard Depardieu, a must if you’ve never seen them. [Submitted by Steph]

Jean de Florette By: Marcel Pagnol | First Published: |Film Release: 1986 | Genre: Drama



b3Lord of the Rings

The visual effects are astounding and it’s difficult to prevent being swept into the chaos that is Tolkien’s middle earth. A must see and read! [Submitted by Leanne and Adam]

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, By: J.R.R Tolkien | First Published: 1955 |Film Release: 2001 | Genre: Action Adventure Drama


b8The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride has it all – action, comedy, fantasy and even romance! Really, what’s not to love? Both the book and the film are classics – you’re missing out if you’ve never seen the film or read the book. It makes for a perfect Sunday! [Submitted by Linda]

Princess Bride by William Goldman |First Published: 1973 |Film Release: 1987 | Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy


b9Sherlock Holmes

There have been many Sherlock Holmes adaptations but I’m quite fond of Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal in the 2009 film! [Submitted by Charmaigne]

Sherlock Holmes By: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | First Published: 1932|Film Release: 2009 | Genre: Action Adventure Crime



b1V for Vendetta

It is a good modern adaptation of the 1980s graphic novel. [Submitted by David]

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore |First Published: 1989 |Film Release: 2005 | Genre: Drama Thriller


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