Party time at Chelsea Library!


Last Friday we hosted the Chelsea Library Summer Reading Challenge party. We had over seventy completers and one hundred parents and children turned up to dance to Diane’s Latin American compilation and find Willy Wonka’s golden fridge magnet—the winner is yet to come forward! Please if you find the golden ticket nestling between packets of shrimp shaped haribos and some savoury crackers contact Chelsea children’s library!

The library was jumping (and not from fleas) with eager children hoping to win gifts in the quiz—some very difficult questions set by Tosca-  how many hairs are there on the human head? What are baby rabbits called (and the answer is not bunnies)? After the quiz we had a game of pass the parcel with the tension mounting in the heat. There were some great gifts chosen by Diane all to enable our budding writers to start filling out their first notebook with eavesdropped dialogue and grizzly descriptions of adults’ nose hairs and crooked teeth.




All in the spirit of Roald Dahl who made the point that no matter how big our ears are etc a face is always lit up by the sunbeams of good thoughts!


If you’re interested in finding out more about our children’s activities, keep an eye on our special events for children page!


Daniel, Chelsea Library

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