Get Coding!

As is traditional at the end of the school year, we tried to do something a bit different for the last Code Club as a reward for the kids who have attended so regularly and with such enthusiasm. We brought over some basic electronics kits (Little Bits), taught them the basics of how they connect and with the help of some craft materials (paper plates, paper scissors, pens) let them get creative. As each component is colour coded by function and snaps together magnetically, the kids caught on really fast (they only had an hour) and produced some great results, including wagging tongues, flashing eyes, whirling optical illusions and a fan-powered paper plane! There was just time to show them some of our augmented reality books too.

It was really good fun for the kids (and our Code Club volunteers were getting hooked too) but the serious side is that it links with the STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering (Art) and Mathematics) curriculum and encourages curiosity and creativity. I doubt if the kids even realised they were learning anything, just enjoying playing with tech toys!

last code club

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in volunteering to run short courses with these or some of our other equipment (Raspberry Pis etc) please get in touch for further information on what’s available and how we can use it:

last code club 2

Stephanie Webb






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