Internet of Things

Over half term, to replace our usual Code Club, Brompton Library took up the offer of an Internet of Things workshop offered to us by SamLabs via Brainiac. This turned out to be a great success all round! I was expecting our usual Code Club kids (usually about 10) minus a few who’d gone away but 20 turned up, which was challenging for our 2 facilitators, Sasha and Rosemary, but they rose to the challenge admirably!


After a few minutes explaining the concept of the Internet of Things and smart devices, the kids got hands–on with sound and light blocks, dc motors and laptops with an app to connect everything.


Their challenge, in 4 teams, was to create their own smart invention and they had some great ideas – we had an intruder alarm, a time travel machine, several fans and some other loud and colourful projects whose purposes were less obvious! The kids ended up with an idea of how to connect the devices using an app and, more importantly, some really creative ideas and an appreciation of their own potential.

I was so impressed with the delivery of this event and the level of engagement by the kids that I’d love to be able to present a regular event as the feedback from parents as well as the kids was very positive. Watch this space!

For more events in libraries, please see our website.


Steph Webb




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