Credo(itble) online resource

Credo – Online Resource

Credo is one of my favourite online resources available with Kensington Library membership.   Within the Credo Search ‘field’ you can select ‘Basic Search’, ‘Find a Book’ or ‘Image search’.

Credo has a wide selection of over 600 titles.  Many of these books can be found in reference libraries in hard copy.  Titles include Whitaker’s Almanack 2015, People of Today, Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage, Annual Register of World Events, Collins Language Dictionaries (including French, Spanish and German) and Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.  Categories of books include business, careers, education, history, biology and sciences, philosophy and a wide spectrum of arts and literature.  Credo titles are from respected authors and renowned publishers like Dorling Kindersley.


You can also use the ‘Find a Book’ search to find the titles of thousands of books and to search inside the book.  One search for a book surprised me – when I typed ‘National Gallery’ in the Find a Book search field, I got two results: The National Gallery Collection (with over 2,000 images) and the National Gallery Companion Guide (introducing you to European Western art).  The bonus was to find the National Portrait Gallery Collection and all the images. It is wonderful to have something so carefully indexed within Credo and yet instantly available to anyone who might have a passion for art. In fact anyone with a Kensington Library card can access all this information from wherever they might be.

All the more for appreciating your local Reference Library’s resources and accessing these in hard copy and then being able to access them on Credo and other Kensington and Chelsea online resources when not at the library!

Credo Tools include:

A tool for crossword solvers, which help to find quotations and word definitions.

The Image Tool contains the Bridgeman Art Gallery with 22,000 images, very useful for finding famous works of art at the click of a mouse.



Below is an example.  I searched for Van Gogh which yielded 317 results in the Image tool.

Image Search

Credo Search

Using Credo to find information is very similar to using search engines like Google and Bing to search the Internet. In this example, a search for information on 19th Century Britain in the Basic Search field, yielded over 2,000 results of varying levels, useful for both adults and children. Your choice of research article can be saved to your Saved Results and then either sent to your email or downloaded as a .PDF file on your computer or portable device.



Recently, I was asked about a book on bird migration, specifically on Brent Geese.  There were many books on this subject in the reference library; however, as the reader did not have time to look though the books, a quick search on Credo using the image search tool produced the following useful results with images of the geese and their migration route.

Brent Geese 


Another useful enquiry was for a copy of the King James Bible, for a reader who wanted to look at it at home.  A simple entry in the Search field found one result by Cambridge University Press, which the reader could then use to study at home.!?subject=138&filter=king%20james%20bible


Credo is also very useful for Medical related enquiries.  Recently I was asked to find a book showing how the ear drum works, to gain an understanding of a medical problem. I showed the reader how to search on Credo using the Subjects listed on the Credo Home page and clicking on the Health Medicine link. Once you are in the results of the Health & Medicine search page, you can select any book to read, save or print an article.



The reader was interested in the Animated Dictionary of Health and Medicine.  Within this book, we typed ear drum in the search box and clicked on the video tab.

Animated dictionary


From here we were able to get very useful and well produced video on the ear drum.



Another great feature of Credo is that it consolidates results with other available online resources. Credo search yielded articles on Alloy within Credo and also showed results for other resources which are accessible to all RBKC Library members, such as Britannia Online, NewsUK, Times Digital Archive and also Google books and Wikipedia.   You simply cannot be lost for books or articles on Credo.


Topic Page – Alloy
Topic Page – Alloys
Credo Entries – Alloy

People Search

Searching for people on Credo is very useful as well as simple.  Here is an example of a politican very well known person, Joanna Lumley.   There are numerous books to look in, from People of Today, Debretts Peerage and Baronage and People of Today 2015, Great Lives: A Century in Obituaries and countless biographical collections specialising in different subjects.

Person Search – Joanna Lumley

Credo Homework

There is an amazing selection of books and articles which young students can make use of for their homework and general interest.  A good example from my experience of answering enquiries from children and adults are books by the publisher Dorling Kindersley. Their books are informative and beautifully illustrated.  Just by typing DK Eyewitness, 13,032 results were found on Credo.




There is a great deal of information on Credo.  Take a browse.

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