Walking in the Rain at North Kensington Library

Inspired by J Opie
Julian Opie’s ‘Walking in the Rain’


Art & Craft activities have been my passion. So, you can imagine my excitement and happiness when more than 20 children and adults came for the Half-term session and enjoyed the activity inspired by Julian Opie’s iconic paintings “Walking in the rain”. I have to admit that I anxiously wondered where we would squeeze all these creative art-loving-visitors. Well, they were everywhere. And several groups stayed the whole afternoon.

Samarah 11, Selma 7, Mariam 6 and Adam 3.
Samarah 11, Selma 7, Mariam 6 and Adam 3. Arts and Craft at North Kensington Library, inspired by ‘Walking in the Rain’


It was a Rainy Day, but I did not sing: “Rain, rain go away, Come again another day”.

No, we were all actually pleased that it was raining.

Several days before and after the session whoever came to the library wanted to contribute to our display. The final result was so fa-bu-lo-us that I had to contact Julian Opie and invite him to see our master-piece. And he replied! He liked it!

“Dear Zvezdana Popovic
Wow – that looks great – I’ll try to pop in if I am passing.
All the best

On 21st November we had another Art & Craft activity linked with the display. We looked at movement and storytelling on Parthenon frieze and on Bayeux Tapestry.

Unfortunately, the artist, Julian Opie, did not come.

Having said that, he was present – with his self-portrait and his text-message on our display.

By Zvezdana Popovic
Customer Service Assistant, North Kensington library

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