A Visit to Gosh!

Picture of Gosh! Storefront
Gosh! A Graphic Novel Emporium

David, Customer Services Assistant at Brompton library, writes:

Friday the 13th is usually said to be unlucky, although it usually turns out alright for me personally. The last one was no exception, as I was given the enviable task of visiting Gosh!, a Graphic Novel institution located in Berwick Street, in deepest Soho, to see what goodies we will be receiving from our local independent supplier.

Friday the 13th (the comic book) was fittingly on display, as were a diverse array of other titles spanning all the genres. As someone who has long been a ‘fellow traveler’ of the graphic novel community, whilst not being totally immersed, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer range and beauty of these books. Many are truly collectors’ items for a reason; much of the art is staggering, and there is often as much depth as any traditional novel or non-fiction reportage. It’s easy to dismiss Graphic Novels as merely famous superheroes with their underpants on the outside of gaudy tights, but whilst this is a staple of the medium, there’s so much more to be discovered. Luckily for me and the good people of Kensington and Chelsea, a new range of stock will be coming our way in the coming weeks, straight from Gosh! and expertly curated by the personable manager of the store, Andrew.

We are also planning miscellaneous stock picks by yours truly and other members of staff, although input from our customers is most  welcome – so please feel free to let us know of any stock suggestions you may have! Also keep an eye out for Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd; there’ll be many goodies to be had! Watch this space…

Librarians holding graphic novels
A happy morning spent at Gosh!

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