A T-RRIBLE Tale in Two Languages

Natasha Chaoui, SCSA, Kensal Library writes:

On Friday 23 January we had a bilingual storytelling event here at Kensal Library.

Mr Paquet was joined by member of staff Silvia Sousa and together they provided a very enjoyable story session of Mr Paquet’s book ‘The T-RRIBLE‘. Mr Paquet read the story in English and Silvia then interpreted the story into Portuguese.

Reading the T-Ribble
Reading ‘The T-Ribble’ in Portuguese and English

Through his books Mr Paquet aims to promote literacy and bilingualism around the world, fun learning and a positive attitude towards reading, inspiring the next generation of young readers and writers.

The children who attended the event loved the story and were delighted to have the chance of winning a medal for the best copy of the character in the ‘T-RIBLE’. I have to say that the drawings the children made were really exceptional and Mr Paquet was very impressed saying the children had given him some new ideas!

The T-Ribble
Drawing the T-Ribble

We hope to have Mr Paquet attend another bilingual storytelling event in the near future, so watch this space!