What I did in my half-term holiday…

Steph Webb, Librarian, writes: 

We had a bumper half term here at Brompton! Our usual story time and rhyme times are still happening plus we’ve had some special half-term events, and not just for children… 

Elmer Party

Elmer in full colour!
Elmer in full colour!

We celebrated 25 years of Elmer with a special story and craft event for our youngsters. Twenty children were entertained by Elisabeth and Babita with the original Elmer story and some elephant rhymes. They then made a huge Elmer-shaped collage out coloured paper: this now has pride of place in our Children’s area. And we’re pleased to hear from our French readers that Elmer is known and loved in France!


Making Stars: Family Learning craft event.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Westminster Adult Education Service have done it again! It’s such a pleasure to see parents and carers having so much fun and being as focussed as the children while making beautiful star-based decorations to take home. And it’s not only the tangible results that they’ll take away: Micki from WAES is committed to their sessions being fun for everyone but there is always learning buried in there. I wondered if the children really would remember that they’d been making unilateral triangles and tetrahedrons (amongst other things) and working with textures and colours. I hope the adults will take away a more creative approach to engaging with the children at home using items that most homes have, like paper and straws. The children were so proud of their handiwork, as were the adults, and so they should be!


Painting in Prose

Painting in prose
Painting in prose

Brompton was honoured to have three novelists representing a Fringe event for the London History Festival last Tuesday evening. Vanora Bennett, Elizabeth Fremantle and Imogen Robertson each spoke about the way art and artists informed and, to some extent, shaped their historical novels. They spoke to an informed and interested audience with a presentation showing the artists and paintings that had inspired them. I like panel events as it gives artistes an opportunity to spark off each other and offers an insight into how the creative process differs, or not, between them.

The London History Festival begins on Monday 17th November with tickets still available.



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