Spotlight on Halloween: free set of Encyclopaedias with every library card! 

Many children will be learning about Halloween (also called All Hallows’ Eve), which takes place on October 31, as well as Bonfire Night, on November 5. Take a look at our Spotlights on each of these topics to help with homework and school projects!

Children can read the Britannica article about Halloween, and check out the Activity Centre where there are printable puzzles and games, including colouring pages, word searches, crosswords, a quiz and even a step-by-step guide on how to make a witch’s hat. Please click here to visit Britannica’s Halloween article.

Spotlight on Halloween
Spotlight on Halloween

On November 5, bonfires have been lit across the country for over 400 years – but why? We have an interesting article about the details of Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot, plus many activities and colouring to keep children entertained! Please click here for Britannica’s spotlight on Guy Fawkes.

Spotlight on Guy Fawkes
Spotlight on Guy Fawkes

(The above links will take you to straight to the activity pages with no need to log in.)

Britannica Junior contains comprehensive content for primary school children aged 5-11. Whether it is frogs or physics, gardening or geography, Britannica Online Library Edition covers it all.

To search the full Library edition of Britannica you will need a Kensington & Chelsea Library card and your PIN/password. There are three editions – for children, select Encyclopedia Britannica Junior for a simplified version of the subject.

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