Ever wondered about work experience in the library?

photo 3Steph Webb, our Librarian at Brompton Library, writes:

All young people are now expected to do some form of work experience in the field of their choice and it is their responsibility to arrange it.

Our latest work experience pupil, Conrad, attends Brompton Oratory school and had ideally wanted to work in a bookshop or library.

Taking on a work experience pupil is a considerable commitment for any organisation. The aim is to try to give them an idea of what the job entails and give them some experience of doing it and this involves giving them an induction, training and mentoring whilst on the job. We also aim to give them a sense of responsibility so expect the same standards of time-keeping and teamwork as other members of staff. From our viewpoint it’s always interesting to see how the pupils differ, some are really conscientious and interested, others less so!

Here is Conrad’s experience in his own words:

From Chinua Achebe to Stephan Zweig – My Work experience at Brompton Library

By Conrad Pollock-Spadavecchia

The first week into my work experience at Brompton Library has really taught me a lot about library work and how important it is for the local community. I have been able to witness and take part firsthand in many important aspects of working here, including going behind the scenes, making sure certain books are delivered to different branches, cataloguing ones that have gone missing and helping out customers when they need it.

I have come to see that no job, no matter how easy or tranquil it may look from the outside, really is quite a challenge in its own way. The library is no exception to this. A problem will always come to the library, be it in the form of a tricky customer, a sick employee who needs their shift covered, or in hunting down that one annoying book that keeps creeping up on the lists.

I would overall say that my time in the library has been an enjoyable and unique experience. It has shown me that there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from some decent hard effort, and that tea breaks really are a treat! Therefore, I believe that my time here has been put to good use, and I look forward to using the library in the future, safe in the knowledge that it is in very competent hands.

Thank you, Conrad!

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