Planning a holiday? Get some insider knowledge…

The Reference Library holds a variety of trade magazines and publication covering a wide range of interests- we really do have something for everyone!

The Travel Trade Gazette is a weekly magazine for the travel industry and has been in circulation since 1954 and for anyone interested in travel and holidays (that’s all of us, then!).  The Gazette includes news on all travel and hospitality sectors:  well known and lesser known companies feature, and interesting histories of well known travel companies making changes in today’s very competitive consumer market.

Travel Trade Gazette
Travel Trade Gazette

One of the regular gazette features is TTG Toolkit, which focuses on particular aspects of promoting and marketing a business: entitled, for example, Marketing Magic, Selling Power and Mystery Shopper.

  • Marketing Magic advises companies how to sell themselves or market the company, instead of focusing solely on product sell.   You’ll find very useful tips for any customer-based industry! (“Cocktail for success”, 27.03.2014).
  • Selling Power focuses on the success of a sweet shop founded 6 years ago turned into a travel agency (“Sweet success” 10.04/2014)
  • Mystery Shopper compares high street travel companies with online travel websites, offering online help in travel bookings, useful from a consumer view as to what to look for when using online travel sites.

    Travel Trade Gazette
    Travel Trade Gazette

Each edition includes plenty of  information for travel agents on holiday destinations and offers which they canpass on to their customers, as well as regular features on specific destinations such as the Caribbean, detailing activities and places to stay, with some handy tried-and-tested tips on how to make the most out of your holiday!

Overall, it is good magazine for professionals working in the travel industry as well as travellers seeking a little insider knowledge. We started taking the Gazette from January 2014 and our file length is 6 months, and it’s just one of the many titles we offer at the Reference Library!

For a full list of all the titles we hold, please click here. Don’t forget, these magazines are all free to browse- so if you’re looking for serious study materials or for an interesting read, you will be spoilt for choice! Staff are always on hand to offer help and support- please email for further details.

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