The Chelsea Blog – December 2013

Our new Homework Club
Our new Homework Club

Chelsea children’s library was proud to host the launch of the brand new Homework Club on Thursday 14 November.

The Homework club is a new Library initiative which takes place between 3.30 to 5.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kensington, Chelsea, Brompton and North Kensington Libraries. Children aged 7-11 who are library members are welcome to join. It is an after school club, therefore parents/carers will need to register their children.
The club is run by our super volunteers, and they were on hand to make the launch a resounding success…

Homework club, Chelsea launch, story telling
Homework club, Chelsea launch, story telling

We invited children’s entertainer John Kirk to help launch the Homework Club. John devised a cunning interactive detection game for the homework club members. They were all assigned roles ranging from detective, doctor, moles and the villain of the piece, the Sloane Ranger, who had infiltrated the club.

Figuring out clues!
Figuring out clues!

Using complicated clues they had to find keys to a code within specially assigned library books. The children were soon engrossed in solving the canny codes and eagerly searched the shelves for the corresponding Dewey numbers on the information books which held the clues. It was so devious that the grown-ups were completely flummoxed, but the children excelled themselves and proved just how clever and adept they were.

The library was a hub of excitement, homework club members were in turns totally absorbed or cock-a-hoop with elation at fathoming the solution. The grown-ups gazed on entranced. Councillor Emma Will was on hand to celebrate the launch and soon got wrapped up and captivated by the challenges the children were tackling. Emma did not need to say anything- the smiles on everyone’s faces announced the success of the event!

Happy homeworkers
Happy homeworkers

Next week back to sums…

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