The Chelsea Blog – September/October 2013

Chelsea Library
Chelsea Library

Welcome to the latest blog post from the staff at Chelsea Library. Over to Daniel Jeffreys to tell us more about what’s been happening.

Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising
Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising

Winter can be a challenging time: the lack of light (those early morning starts in dripping darkness). A sense of hibernation sets in, compounded by my re-reading Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising where snow falls continually over the Thames valley. This is a perfect winter read. In this gripping children’s book about the Holy Grail and Arthurian legends Christmas is the time where the battle between light and dark takes place. It is quite easy to imagine The Old Ones fighting it out in the residential gardens and nearby parks. This book is particularly good because it examines the Pagan beliefs behind Christmas. I would be interested to hear of any other wintry recommendations.

Coffee morning
Coffee morning

One antidote to the seasonal chill is our coffee morning every Wednesday at 10.30am.  Word is spreading but please mention it to any of your more discriminating readers who might fancy a chat and a slice of organic carrot cake.  The group is diverse, a lady with an in-depth knowledge of cakes and pastries, an aeronautical expert and a lady who refers to her ‘chequered career’ but as yet no one has been bold enough to find out what exactly it entails. We have had presentations from a health worker and the community police.

Chelsea Children's Library
Chelsea Children’s Library

The children’s library has been extremely busy. We had over 100 adults and children for one of our electrified baby rhyme time sessions (every Thursday at 11am). Babies have an innate sense of rhythm, much like their ability to swim, and it is great watching the toddlers crawl and wobble and fall over.

The story craft event this month was themed around frogs. Senior Customer Services Assistant, Diana designed some action frogs, bunched up and ready to spring with long lolling tongues and crazy rolling eyes. The stories had a twist—some frogs don’t want to be rescued with a kiss and turned into handsome Princes. They prefer the damp and solitude of their ponds.

Book sale
Book sale

We had a brilliant but hectic book sale last week. Our readers were amazed at the bargains they were able to snap up.

Daniel Jeffreys

Customer Services Assistant 

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