Summer Reading Challenge 2013

Creepy House logo
Creepy house logo

There’s a spine-tingling adventure waiting for children this summer at your local Kensington and Chelsea library. They can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge and face the Creepy House!

Creepy House characters
Creepy House characters

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

It is the biggest national reading initiative that’s run by nearly every public library in the UK during July and August. The challenge is for children, aged 4 to 11 and it is simple: to read 6 or more library books over the summer. Taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge helps prevent the ‘summer reading dip’ – when children without reading opportunities at home over the long summer break from school can lose confidence in their reading.

Reading Rewards

Wolf Kid and Bunny Boy
Wolf Kid and Bunny Boy

By reading 6 books children can discover the secrets of Creepy House and meet some of the hair-raising residents. They’ll also have a chance to explore:

  • The Awful Upstairs!
  • The Gruesome Ground Floor!
  • The Spine-tingling Cellar!

There are stickers and rewards for the children  as they read their 6 books. And at the end of the summer there’s a certificate for children who read 3 or more books and a medal for those that complete the challenge of reading 6 books.

Twilight Tim, Summer Reading Challenge 2013
Twilight Tim

How can my child take part?

Skeleton Family Robinson, Summer Reading Challenge 2013
Skeleton Family Robinson

If you would like your child to take part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge please ask a member of staff in your local Kensington and Chelsea library.  It’s completely free! We’ll be having lots of exciting events in all our libraries during the summer – we’ll blog about those later this week.

Jodie Green, Lending Librarian
Jodie Green

Jodie Green Lending Librarian


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