The Chelsea Blog – June 2013

Chelsea Library
Chelsea Library

June has been a busy month at Chelsea Library —  over to the staff there to tell us more.

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken et al
Chicken Licken et al

There hasn’t been a spare chair to sit on especially in the refurbished children’s library with its cool blue walls and sparkling windows. We held a story and craft event at the beginning of the month with a chicken theme. Chicken Licken went down well (nearly as well as that unfortunate chicken). It might be an idea to reread the stories beforehand and prepare for the sudden ending when the entire cast of animals are eaten by a fox in a waistcoat with a voice like Leslie Phillips. Diane designed some brilliant custard yellow chickens that rocked backwards and forwards. We had so many requests that we read the story again.

Quiz Time!

Quiz time
Quiz time

Last Thursday we hosted the first of our quiz afternoons in the Walker Room. We had a great turn out – lots of old friends and some new faces with hidden talents. The five teams slugged it out between bouts of tea, fruit juice and bread pudding. The A Team won with an impressive 30 out of a possible 35, even tackling the difficult trick question:

Has the United States of America ever had a King and , if so, who was he?

Answers in the comments section at the bottom of this piece please!

After the quiz there was a raffle and a sing song. We started the singing off with a  rendition of  The Lambeth Walk and it was followed by  Standing on the Corner — a song about spending an afternoon on main street giving the girls the eye.

Vintage Guitars and Baby Rhyme Time

Danelectro guitar in vivid ‘agent orange.’
Danelectro guitar in vivid ‘agent orange.’

Baby rhyme time has been drawing big crowds; part of its popularity is the game of musical statues at the end giving carers and mothers the chance to dance as well as the children.

We’re now using a vintage guitar –  a Danelectro in vivid ‘agent orange’  during the sessions. The children like the traditional songs but really respond to rock and roll –  it gives them a great opportunity to stagger, dance and fall over. One little girl with a hearing aid enjoys the event because she can hear it quite clearly.

Diane Day, Senior Customer Services Assistant

Daniel Jeffreys, Customer Services Assistant

Great facts about Chelsea Reference Library

#3: The Walker Room

Online sessions
Online sessions

Behind the scenes of Chelsea Reference Library is the Walker Room, which is not only home to our archived magazines and newspapers, but is also where our expert staff run classes on how to find out about just about anything using our online databases – from Berg Fashion Library to Ancestry to business start-up information.

Check out the events page for the next classes and you can find full details of Berg Fashion Library, Ancestry and business information on our online databases page.

The Chelsea Reference Library Staff


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