Empty spaces

Dave Walker, our Local Studies Librarian has been documenting the changes at Kensington Central Library. He’s the author of our extremely popular blog, The Library Time Machine – do take a look as it showcases some of the amazing photos we have in our archive.  So over to Dave…..


Regular users of  Kensington Central Library cannot fail to have noticed that a certain amount of building work has been going on in the last year. One of my occasional tasks has been to take photographs of the work in progress. It’s been odd to walk around in those familiar spaces suddenly made unfamiliar while they are stripped of furniture and floor coverings, walls are painted, woodwork is polished and new electrical cables installed. I kept away from the busy times mostly and went in during breaks and after hours so I could get the pictures I needed to record the work but also to catch unfamiliar views in the empty spaces. I have quite a few pictures – that’s the pleasure and the curse of digital photography – so here are some pictures of just one room getting ready for its new role during the middle months of 2012.

What are those yellow spots for? You’ll see.


A remnant of 1950s electrical provision – several of these holes were uncovered during the work.

DSC_0614 one of those holes again

The south window of the east wing on the first floor.


Supports for the shiny new false floor.

Supports for the shiny new false floor

The new floor allows access to the electrical conduits.


Purple for data and black for power I think.



The finished floor and ramp ready for the new furniture.


If you like these pictures I have more. Just leave a comment if you want to see them.

Dave Walker
Dave Walker

Dave Walker, Local Studies Librarian

Kensington Central Library

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