Author event at Brompton Library – Bitter Truths

Bitter Truths
Bitter Truths

Brompton Library is proud to be hosting an author event of its own on Thursday 29 November 6.30-7.30pm. Local author Rheagan Greene has written a fantastic urban fantasy trilogy called the Samurai Revival Trilogy and she will be talking about the first volume, “Bitter Truths”, and her extensive research in Southeast Asia and Japan

Rheagan says of the book:

“It’s been an incredible journey; several lengthy research trips to Japan, including meeting a maker of Samurai swords, and learning how to use one in a specialised sword-fighting school. But all this attention to detail was not only as a result of my engineering background, it was also because I firmly believe that even if a story is fiction and the reader understands it is set in a world of fantasy, that’s no justification for the story not being grounded in reality. So, throughout the trilogy the action takes place in essentially real places and frequently exotic ones, not only South Kensington, Germany and the Orkney Islands, but also Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.”

Rheagan would love to talk to you about her book and her research so do come along for what should be a fascinating evening including photographs of her travels.


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