Mystery Book Bags at Brompton Library

Mystery Book Bags
Mystery Book Bags at Brompton Library

For the whole of September Brompton Library experimented with trying to tempt our readers into taking a “mystery” bag of 3 books. After a quiet summer we wanted to inspire our readers to discover something new. A colleague kindly supplied some sturdy paper bags and Customer Service Assistant at Brompton Library, David Bushell designed an eye-catching label- the idea for which was of love hearts emanating from a human head, to show how reading and learning can release endorphins in the brain. David said: “I’m not sure if this has been scientifically proven but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true! It certainly releases endorphins in my brain, in the same way that exercise, music and good company does”.

Choosing what to put in the mystery bags was a great challenge: the fun was trying to select books which our readers might not necessarily pick up from the shelf. This could be a book set in another country or in another culture entirely. Within the fiction section at Brompton Library there are a range of genres, so I felt that mixing those up was a good idea. Sometimes I think we all like to stick to just one type of author or series of books, so all in all I think the mystery bag offered new worlds for our readers to explore!

Stephanie Webb

Stephanie Webb – Lending Librarian


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